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Problems are always meant to be solved. For thousands of generations, men have been trying to explain and figure out why things happen and where things will go. But this is not a philosophical approach to encountered problems. Every mathematician who has faced problems or questions about life, in general, will always take the rational and scientific approach to solve the current issues or concerns. If it were not for the mathematicians of yesteryears we would not have been able to reach the heights of science, mathematics, and technology that we have today.

Mathematics will continue to evolve as more and more problems are being uncovered. We never stop asking questions. As one problem is solved, two more will come out. And this is not a bad event at all. Every solved problem is a chance to explain the science and the numbers behind the occurrences of the world. And each of these problems will allow mathematicians and scientists, in general, to ask more questions and build up from the data that they have from solving the previous questions.

Millennium Prize Problems

Many problems are being solved every year by mathematicians. But as we can see even in our daily lives, not all questions are being solved. This is true with the Millennium Prized Problems. They are the seven unsolved problems in mathematics. They were announced by the Clay Mathematics Institute in 2000. The goal of the institute is to send a challenge to anyone to solve these unsolvable problems. With every right approach to a problem comes the perfect solution for it. We may still not have the solutions to these problems but in time, a mathematician from the other side of the world will be able to solve these problems.

The 7 Unsolved Problems

The declared seven unsolved problems on the year 2000 were the Poincare Conjecture, P vs. NP, Hodge Conjecture, Navier-Stokes Existence and Smoothness, Riemann Hypothesis, Birch-Swinnerton-Dyer Conjecture, and the Yang-Mills Existence and Mass Gap. To date, one problem has been solved. It is the Poincare Conjecture. You may scratch this off your list for pending problems to be solved. But for the rest of the problems, you can still have a go at them and try to figure out what is missing to the solutions created by the mathematicians of previous generations.

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Our website is mainly focused on the seven unsolved problems, how they are explained, and how these problems can be solved. We are also publishing parts of the history behind these unsolvable problems. You can also read about the author’s insights about these problems and how to possibly approach them through his published tech blogs.

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