About Us

The Millennium Prize Problems are the seven unsolved mathematical problems that were announced by the Clay Mathematics Institute on May 24, 2000. They are simply called the MP2000. These unsolved mathematical equations were declared by the Institute to challenge anyone to give a concrete solution to the problem. The exact date of the announcement was chosen to give an appreciation to the original speech of David Hilbert in 1900. He included in his speech 23 unsolved equations at that time. This paved the way for mathematicians and other bright minds of the era to collaborate and develop new ideas and topics based on these unsolved equations.

Who we are

We did build a website specifically for these Millennium Prize Problems to push and motivate scientists, physicists, and mathematicians to try to solve these seemingly unsolvable problems. We want to continue the challenge given by the Clay Mathematics Institute to anyone who can give a solution to the problems. By the way, one of the seven problems were already solved by a Russian mathematician. So you can cross that out of your list.

What do we offer

We offer insights about the problems, their origin, their principal developer, and the success or perhaps, the failures of men who tried to give solutions to these problems. Website visitors can also read historical biographies of the people involved in the formulation and evolution of the problems. Your intellection and input will be satisfied as you will find rich and information-filled content from our tech blogs.